Dogs may see light on the ultraviolet spectrum!

A recent study performed by Professor Ronald Douglas of City University, London concluded that dogs and cats may have the ability to see light on the ultraviolet spectrum. This means that our peUV-Lightts can see, interact with and react to much more of the environment than we can.

This could explain the cat that meows at something invisible and the dog that is reactive ‘with no trigger’. For example.. To the human eye, a street lined with power poles is visually commonplace, to a dog, the ultraviolet light coming from the power lines may look like bright swirling masses of erratic color. A dog that has not been exposed to this at a young age might be terrified by this.

For the purposes of training, this gives another tidbit of knowledge into the workings of the dog. We can more easily understand the fearful dog and what might be driving the fear. We can acknowledge and react to our prey driven dog responding to visual cues left by prey animals such as urine trails. With these things in mind, we can study the training environment; identify things that might be putting off ultraviolet distractions and tailor our training program with those distractions in mind.


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